Good housing

WelFur’s second principle concerns mink’s housing and the environment surrounding it.

Comfort and rest

Mink’s access to comfort and rest is evaluated by their access to nest boxes. Mink are best treated with a nest box that is dry, clean, without any sharp edges and free of fleas.

A WelFur assessor will examine whether all your mink have access to well-kept nest boxes.

Comfort in terms of temperature

Mink should be protected against exceptional weather conditions. Particularly protection against wind, direct sunlight and high temperatures is required, whilst the nest boxes should ensure a suitable temperature without draught. Mink should also have access to straw.

A WelFur assessor will check whether the farm’s provision in terms of sheds, cages and nest boxes is such that it will ensure mink’s thermal comfort.

Freedom of movement

Mink need space in order to show appropriate behaviour – more specifically, mink must be able to move around freely, walk on all fours, stand up, stretch their limbs and stand on their hind legs. There is a set industry standard regarding mink’s space requirement that specifies concrete cage-size requirements.

A WelFur assessor will measure the size of your cages.


  • Make sure all your mink have simultaneous access to comfort and rest in a well-kept nest box.
  • Make sure your mink experience thermal comfort and have access to straw.
  • Make sure your mink have sufficient freedom of movement, and be particularly aware that your cages conform with the industry standard.