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Be sure to be able to supply WelFur-certified skins by 2020 – register for certification now, by entering in the following information:


Your contact information is forwarded to Fur Europe, who in turn will inform the independent assessors from Baltic Control that you are registered and awaiting initial contact. Baltic Control will then take over management of certification.

Procedure after registration

  1. You will receive an email confirming your registration
  2. You must then wait for a call from an independent assessor from Baltic Control.
  3. You and the assessor will arrange a time and date for your first visit
  4. You will receive a postal letter including details of the visit
  5. The assessor will ring again to confirm the visit, and to discuss changing clothes and parking.
  6. The assessor will make the first visit as part of the WelFur certification

Upon completion of certification …

… you will be sure to be able to supply skins to the auction houses from 2020 and onwards.

… you will have proof that you are meeting current animal-welfare standards in Europe.

… you will be part of a common European initiative that works to ensure the fur trade’s legitimacy and survival.

Not quite ready yet?

If you do not yet quite feel ready to register for WelFur certification, you have the option of seeking the advice and guidance of your local fur breeders’ association.


Jyrki Sura / +32 471 78 60 42

for more detailed information on how far your farm is from qualifying for WelFur certification, as well as how to get there quickly.